How to Choose The Best Turmeric Curcumin Supplement (Ultimate Guide)


Different curcumin forms usually work best for diverse conditions. Consequently, it’s highly important to understand fully the various curcumin formulations so that you derive the most out of the supplement. Are you in the market for the best turmeric supplement? If yes, here’s how to settle for the right one to meet your needs:

Best Turmeric Supplement

#1: Does it contain traces of heavy metals or any harmful additives?
Curcumin is certainly a metal chelator. It simply means that it bonds with metal ions in order to alter their chemical composition and structure. Because of this reason, it’s highly possible for the supplement to contain traces of heavy metals. The supplement may also contain harmful additives due to its extraction process.

Because of these reasons, ensure that the supplement you are utilizing doesn’t contain harmful solvents.

To check for the safety of your supplement, you should check and ensure the company producing it observes Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Doing so helps you establish whether or not the supplement is not only pure but also safe.

#2: Composition
Primarily, you must know the Curcumin percentage in your supplement. Ideally, it ought to be ‘standardized to 95%’. This simply means that the most effective turmeric supplement contains 95% curcumin.

#3: Bioavailability
You must establish whether your prospective supplement consists of ordinary curcumin or enhanced bioavailability. What’s bioavailability? It simply pertains to the amount of substance, which gets absorbed exactly where it is needed in your body. For instance, ordinary curcumin boasts low bioavailability. It usually gets broken down inside the gut and liver. A good part of it gets eliminated from your body prior to reaching the target tissues. The little amounts of curcumin that find their way to the target tissue remain there for just a short while. It isn’t enough to guarantee its healing effects.

Curcumin that boasts enhanced bioavailability utilizes an array of techniques in order to get to its aimed issues and remain there for extended time. In the end, you enjoy incredible health benefits from curcumin.

#4: Compatibility with condition
The other consideration you need to make is to check whether the supplement is compatible with the condition you are in. Always remember that different curcumin supplements work incredibly for various conditions. Therefore, you need to make sure that the specific one you intend to settle for perfectly addresses the needs of your condition.

#5: Company Reputation
You cannot overlook a company’s reputation when it comes to making your buying decision. Remember that many buying decisions are always based on trust and integrity. You need to read reviews extensively. Find out what other people are saying regarding the company. You must be extremely cautious so that you don’t purchase a product from a company with integrity issues.

Other Considerations:

  • Check and verify that the all claims on the label have been supported by effective and controlled clinical trials
  • Look for ingredients that have been proven to work It’s important to identify why an ingredient is contained in a supplement. Ensure that it’s proven clinically to support health various companies offer links to their studies regarding the ingredients contained in their products.
  • Value vs. Cost – With so many things in life, there is no doubt that people get what they pay for. However, that’s not always the case when it comes to supplements. For instance, if a product boasts a huge marketing budget or utilizes multilevel marketing distribution, it will certainly drive its costs up without adding any benefit to you. You need to settle for a company that invests in research and development of effective and safe products rather than marketing.
  • Whole herbs vs. standardized extracts – This is another consideration you need to make when in the market for the best turmeric supplement. Do you prefer whole herbs or standardized extracts. The truth is that both sides of the argument bring with them valid points. In case of the latter, it is impossible to establish how effective or otherwise a herbal remedy might be unless it consists of standardized active ingredients. When it comes to the former, there’s the thought of synergistic effects of numerous phytonutrients contained in the herb.