The Amazing Health Benefits of fresh Turmeric Root


Turmeric Root is an orange-colored spice that is imported from the country of India and it is part of the ginger root family and has been a staple in the Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian countries cuisines for centuries. Turmeric comes from the curcuma longa plant. When turmeric root is used raw, it is an extremely powerful plant. By adding this powerful plant to your healthy diet plan, it is one of the best things you can do for improving your long term health. The best way to use it to get the most benefits is to use fresh Turmeric Root, in the raw form.

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Here are The Amazing Health Benefits of Fresh Turmeric Root when used as a medicinal herb:

  • Turmeric helps prevent formation of HCA’s in grilled meat, especially in Satay dishes.
  • Contains natural anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Aids in digestion.
  • Contains natural detoxification properties.
  • Improves cognitive function.
  • Regulates blood glucose levels.
  • Help retain the beta-carotene in certain foods.
  • Improves oxidation.
  • Decreased cancer risks.
  • Helps to regulate blood fat levels after consuming a meal.
  • Contains natural antioxidant properties.
  • Helps to improve memory.
  • Helps with weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight overall.
  • Helps in keeping the liver healthy.

Mild-tasting turmeric may have health benefits for nearly every system in the body. Turmeric fights free radicals and helps to maintain healthy blood cells. Fresh turmeric root can be found in markets in some countries, while in other countries it may be found dried, powdered, or in supplement form.

Turmeric Root is also loaded with many healthy nutrients like protein, dietary fiber, niacin, and Vitamin C.

Use a little bit of fresh turmeric root in your juicing. Chewing the fresh root could have some positive effects on your health. Add this spice to anything, besides sweets, for a new flavor and a ton of health benefits. Turmeric is used for reducing or eliminating arthritis, heartburn, joint pain, stomach pain, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, bypass surgery, hemorrhages. Don’t confuse turmeric with Javanese turmeric root (Curcuma zedoaria). It is amazing to think that an herb or spice can have an effect on the body.

Where to buy turmeric root

Fresh turmeric root contains oils which help in absorption. It comes in its raw form, fresh root form, dried, pickled, ground and juiced. Fresh Turmeric root (plant) can be bought at an Indian store. Turmeric is the root stalk of a tropical plant that’s part of the ginger family. You can buy fresh turmeric in

If you are looking to buy fresh turmeric, then you should choose firm and plump roots. Turmeric root has a vibrant golden color. Fresh turmeric root provides the flavor that is more subtle and less bitter than the dried powder. Turmeric is a vibrant yellow orange powder that comes from the root of the Curcuma longa plant. It is a root, or rhizome, that looks like ginger on the outside with a bright orange flesh inside. You can find Turmeric root in its natural state and also sliced thinly and pickled.

The raw turmeric root itself is best, but raw powder form is next to second best. Turmeric, being an antioxidant, promotes a healthy life. Curcumin is the yellow pigment of the turmeric root. Turmeric root is ground to prepare turmeric powder which is widely used. Turmeric milk is a healthy drink which helps in treating many health problems. . When the dried rhizomes are ground, however, this appealing flavor degenerates, leaving the less volatile, with bitter compounds to dominate flavor.

You can grate it fresh or buy it dried in a spice jar to sprinkle it on everything from desserts to vegetables. Turmeric is used as part of the haldi ceremony just before the wedding to give them fresh glowing skin. The health benefits of turmeric have been known for centuries. Turmeric is one of nature’s most powerful healers. Turmeric has been used to help maintain healthy blood, skin, and circulation. Turmeric, also known as ‘haldi’ in India, is a popular deep yellow spice.

The benefits of turmeric seem endless and the list keeps growing! Turmeric helps keep brains healthy and functioning properly. Eating Turmeric regularly can also help to prevent the onset of heart disease. It supports healthy joint function and may work as well as many anti-inflammatory drugs. Turmeric milk is an infusion of either dry turmeric powder or fresh turmeric root. A likeness of Ganesha is often carved in a whole turmeric root.

It has been shown to kill cancer tumor cells while sparing healthy cells. Turmeric enhances healthy blood flow and liver function. Turmeric is an ancient root. It dates back to ancient times being used for its natural healing properties. It promotes the stimulation of antioxidants which can help you stay healthy. You can get all the wonderful health benefits of turmeric by using it raw. While the rest of the world wakes up to its myriad health benefits, Indians are letting out a collective yawn about this magic root that can transform every inch of your fabulous self. It is turmeric root, and fresh turmeric root can brighten a dish with flavor as Curcumin is the main active healthy nutrient in both fresh and dried.

The health benefits of turmeric have always been celebrated in India. Fresh turmeric root is especially great in juices and smoothies. It gives you amazing benefits for your skin, hair and health. There are two components found in turmeric that give the root its healing properties, its oil and curcumin. The smell of fresh white turmeric is almost like mango kweni. It seems as though fresh turmeric root is very hard to get and its even harder to get Australian grown turmeric.

This beautifully hued golden root has been used for hundreds of years. Make a paste of the gram flour with turmeric powder, raw milk or yogurt. If you do cook it, make sure to use a small amount of healthy fat like healthy coconut oil.