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Would you like a Medical Marvel that is almost as old as time itself?

That marvel is the India herb Turmeric. It the herb that gives curry its yellow coloration and the people in India have been using it for 2500 to 5000 years depending on which expert you ask. But, aside from giving Londoners their favorite curries, Turmeric has fantastic medical and curative properties.

It is now being shown to be effective as an aid in the battle against many forms of. It has antibacterial properties as well. It fights H. Pylori, which is one of the causative agents to GERD, ulcers, and even stomach cancer.

The list continues with help fight off skin problems such as Psoriasis. One study indicates the active ingredient Curcumin fights depression and some tests show it is as effective as Prozac.

The list continues with weight loss and Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and may even clear plaque from arteries and protect the heart, blood vessels and arteries.

So, you can see Turmeric is one of the most useful herbs in Mother Nature's cornucopia of natural medicines. It also gives curry its distinctive smell and delicious taste as well.​

Recommended Best Turmeric Supplement Reviews

I have spent countless hours to research and analyze top rated Best Turmeric Supplement and finally built a list of Best Turmeric Supplement that you check. I’m going to review these best of the Best Turmeric Supplement. I hope you will enjoy!

Turmeric Root - Whole Raw Organic Root - 5 Lb. Lots - Top Grade

One of the best ways to get Turmeric is to buy it from a reputable source. Turmeric is the name of the company, they have been providing bulk turmeric for years, and what's more, they deliver it in its natural form without any processing whatsoever.This ensures you a potent and fresh product, which you can then use in cooking, juicing for health, and prepare tinctures of Turmeric to your own custom needs.

Turmeric Root

Teas made from Turmeric are refreshing and aid you in your health regime. You can also blend it with other health-filled herbals like Korean Red Ginseng, which gives you a double dose of health and reinvigorating energy. For a man adding a little Maca Root provides you with a tonic that surpasses many of the so-called male enhancement pills you see on the market today. Having this in your sports bottle at the gym will put back what is lost during your exercise routine. In addition, it provides extra energy that helps you reach your fitness goals.

For those of you who want even more health benefits to add to this already potent elixir, a teaspoon of Cayenne Red Pepper add a boost of Vitamin C and other antioxidants properties to the tremendous power of Turmeric by itself. Your Cardio Health will soar and you can begin to reverse the early aging process caused by pollutants and the effects of the sun on your skin that makes you older before your time.

All this is possible by using fresh and unadulterated turmeric, either stacked with other herbs or using it just by itself. You get it in 5-pound packages filled with the choicest Turmeric to be found anywhere and Amazon delivers right to your doorstep in just a few days.

Fresh Yellow Turmeric Root - 2 Lbs

Have other sources of Turmeric as well as India is a great way to explore the different concentrations of natural Curcumin for your health. Thailand also grows Turmeric plants and their variation has different properties than the Indian variety. The one you can order from Amazon in 2-pound packages is one that provides you with a rich yellow coloration that makes for healthy dishes and you can use in your daily health regiment.

Fresh Yellow Turmeric Root

Some people dry the powder they make after grinding the rhizomes to a fine powder and then let dry in the sun. From there you can make capsules of your own that incorporate the power of Turmeric’s health benefits for your own private use. This way you can control the strength and dosage more accurately and know exactly what you are ingesting. You are sure you have pure Curcumin and there is no processing or additives as you do the work yourself. This lets you take charge of your health and free yourself from a medical establishment that wants to control your life and health.

Teas can be made and you have the freshest ingredient to increase their potency and power. You can also blend your own tea recipes that are customized to your personal health needs.

But, of course, you can get additional health benefits by using Turmeric in your cooking. This helps your entire family get healthier and they don't feel they are taking medicine.

Indian cooking is some of the healthiest on the planet and many of the recipes follow Ayurvedic medical principles as well.

Starwest Botanicals Organic Turmeric Root Powder

After you've been using Turmeric for a while, you'll notice you are calmer and have more energy. Colds and even rashes wouldn't bother you as much when you use it in your food or as a poultice to put on your skin. However grinding the rhizomes up and then drying them can be a chore. This is why having someone else do it for you that you can trust is a lifesaver.

Starwest Botanicals Organic Turmeric Root Powder

Starwest takes only the finest Turmeric plants from India and then processes it down into a fine powder that looks like yellow talc. Then they put into 1-pound sealable foil bags that keep everything fresh and ready for your use.​

What you get when you receive it at your door from Amazon is a package of gold. Not the metal to be sure but worth its weight in gold for the health and well-being it brings to you.

As mentioned earlier it alleviates many diseases and stops them often before you are aware. That's due to Curcumin's ability to deal with both viral and bacterial infections. Therefore, not only can you make your food more exciting but you can also protect yourself from diseases at the same time.​

More energy, health, and delicious food are yours by making Turmeric a part of your daily diet. In addition, by adding a little Black Pepper you can increase the power of Turmeric as it allows it to be absorbed by your body quicker and more efficiently.​

Gold can never equal the gift of health that the golden Turmeric powder offers and it is available at the fraction of the cost.​

Feel Good Organic Turmeric Powder

If you want turmeric straight from the source, nothing is better than pure Turmeric from India. Certified to be 100% pure and 100% organic you get Turmeric powder in its raw state with no chemicals, preservatives, and additives. When you order this Turmeric powder, you receive 10 pounds of pure unadulterated goodness.

Feel Good Organic Turmeric Powder

From there you can begin using Turmeric in your life. Add it to your cooking to make delicious and healthy Vegan meals the Indian way. Thousands of years of cooking, acumen goes into the Vegetarian lifestyle of India.

To the people in India Food and health go together and with the addition of Turmeric in there cooking they incorporate it into almost every meal. In this way, it’s not as if you are following a doctor's orders for health. You are exploring an entire world of cooking excitement and along the way your health improves, allergies are relieved, and your cardiovascular health improves.

The heath benefits of Turmeric are recorded in ancient books dating back almost 5000 years and this herb plays a major role in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. So, when you combine this with a vegetarian lifestyle you get the best of both worlds.

For example for those whose diet permits eggs, Chettinad Egg Gravy is a prime example of a healthy Indian dish. Here onions, tomatoes, and green chilies are combined with Turmeric powder to create with the addition of coconut milk and Cayenne pepper in a dish, which is tasty and full vital nutrients for your health.

All of them are help your blood and heart. When the mixture is put over two sliced Hardboiled eggs on top of rice, you have a nourishing meal that improves your health as well.

Organic India Turmeric Capsule Supplement

Joint pain afflicts millions of people every day. What if there was a way to reduce the inflammation and the swelling?

Well, you now can turn to the miracle of Mother Nature with India's famous cooking herb that doubles as one of the wide spectrum anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterials on the planet. 8,000 studies have shown Turmeric to be an aid in dealing with pain, depression, and the other debilitating effects of arthritis and other joint problem.

Organic India Turmeric Capsule Supplement

By taking 2-3, capsules daily you can start seeing the effectiveness of Turmeric and the benefits will continue to mount. The capsules contain Kosher non-GMO Organic Indian Turmeric and a little Ginger to increase its absorption. You will need to take about 100 - 250mg of Turmeric daily to get the full effect.

Then you can start to see the results of Turmeric's amazing abilities. Your cognitive functions will increase and with the addition of a Cayenne Red Pepper (CRP) supplement, you wouldn't have to take Nootropics the so-called "Brain Pills" to get a boost in memory and brainpower.

Turmeric in studies has also been shown to be a mood elevator and keeps you calm under pressure. Drop a capsule into a hot cup of Honey Tea and you will enter the world of calming bliss that increases your energy and wouldn't leave you fagged out at the end of the day as with coffee and caffeine.

These are just a few of the benefits you'll receive in 180 tiny capsules of natural health vitality from Organic India.

NatureWise ORGANIC Curcumin Turmeric 1650mg, 180 caps

If you do not have the time to use Turmeric in your cooking or your teas, you can still get the health benefits by using capsules made with the purist Curcumin available and in each capsule, you get 750mg of its power to relieve joint pain, cleanse your blood and do a makeover on your skin from the inside out.

NatureWise ORGANIC Curcumin Turmeric

You get an added bonus with the addition of ginger that provides additional health benefits and gives you an extra boost of energy.

However, 95% of each capsule is the health-giving properties of Turmeric itself. They provide you with mood elevation that studies have shown to rival Prozac for its effectiveness.

This is important today as the current economy and the work is giving more and more anxiety and stress than ever before. Strife abroad and fear of it spreading here has made some fearful and cannot sleep. Turmeric can help in both areas as it promotes a positive mental frame of mind and it helps you sleep better at night as well.

Add to that the fact that turmeric goes to those areas of your body where stress and overwork have created pain and tension. The healing effects of Turmeric release those tensions and the related pain fade into a distant memory. It also targets pain in the joints and those who suffer joint pain from too much computer usage or arthritis can benefit greatly by adding Turmeric to their daily meals by taking a capsule with drink or food.

Viva Naturals Non-GMO Turmeric Curcumin C3®, 500 mg

If you want to really turn on the health-giving properties of Turmeric, you need to up the dosage. Most people who use Turmeric recommend a standard regimen of 250mg 3 times a day. However, for those who need to stop arthritis from hindering their lives then a 500mg might be the answer they are looking for.

Viva Naturals Non-GMO Turmeric Curcumin

Well, that can be easily done with the help of our friends at Viva Naturals the people who know a lot about Turmeric and your body's needs. They found a source of the richest possible Turmeric and blended it with BioPerine, which is a fancy word that describes their proprietary extract of Black Pepper that is the fruit of the pepper plant. They then encapsulate the whole mix and send it to you in 120 Vegetarian capsules that keep your health up to snuff and help you get through the pain and reduce the swelling of your painful joints. The anti-inflammatory benefits of Curcumin have been used for over a millennium. People in India and Asia swear by it curative powers.

Today modern technology has made this miracle herb available as a supplement for the general public and you don't have to go to Chinatown to visit that venerable gentleman with the beard behind the counter to get relief from arthritis and the other ills that the use of Turmeric can aid in.

You only have to click to Amazon and the answer to many of health, emotional, and lack of energy problems can be at your door in a few short days.

Doctor Danielle Organic Curcumin with BioPerine

Dr. Danielle Saunders has made a name for herself in the supplement arena supplements and natural health. She has created a line of Turmeric products that aid those in having better health without the high cost of prescription products on the market today. Her Organic Curcumin with BioPerine is a prime example.

Doctor Danielle Organic Curcumin with BioPerine

Natural organic Turmeric combined with 5% Black Pepper fruit that makes the Turmeric more bioactive in your system. Some studies have put this at 2000% over Turmeric alone for doing its magic within your body.

You get 120 capsules with 500mg each where the majority is Curcuma Longa from the roots of Indian Turmeric.

This is the perfect size if you are taking Curcumin for depression relief as the literature says you should take in larger doses than those who are taking it for inflammation. 1000mg seems to be the correct amount to effect change in a person's mood and help put you in a positive state of mind. That would be just 2 of these capsules taken with a meal or with a tea mixed with honey.

You then get relief for anxiety and the stress of the world today and your body receives the other benefits of Turmeric as well. Your arteries may become more elastic as the excess plaque fades away, your breathing can become smoother as blockages throughout your body dissolve that lets blood flow easier, and you breathing slows and becomes more regular as your body becomes less starved for Oxygen.​

Premium Ultra Pure Schwartz Turmeric Curcumin 1500 Mg

DR. Schwartz's Turmeric is a combination of The Curcuma Longa root and standardized Curcumin extract along with Black pepper for Bio-absorption by your system. The labeling on the advert talks about 1500mg. Well, that is the serving size and if you read the label that's in 500mg capsules so a 30-day supply comes out to be 90 capsules.

Premium Ultra Pure Schwartz Turmeric Curcumin 1500 Mg

Therefore, while the quantity is there the label is a bit misleading. Of the quality, there is no doubt, as the facilities that DR. Schwartz is using are up to snuff. The benefits are real and most of the users are ecstatic over the results.

People with joint pain report the reduction in pain levels along with the same for swelling. Those who take Turmeric also have a calmer disposition and stress doesn't seem to bother them as much. The brand is cheaper than the higher priced premium brands and has the same ingredients.

However, the 3 capsules combined in a single serving only equal 150mg of the standardized extract and if you are looking for concentrated extract, about 1350mg is organic Turmeric and an additional 10mg of the black pepper. So this brings the total amount of product per serving is 1510mg.

You still get maximum benefits from Turmeric and that's the key to providing you with a better health. But, the labeling and the advertising need to be revamped to paint a truer picture of the produce.

PuraTHRIVE Liquid Turmeric Extract

If you want quick action with you wellness with a convenient eyedropper for sublingual use or precise measurement. Put a drop of PuraThrive under your tongue and get an immediate infusion of Turmeric’s power for health.

PuraTHRIVE Liquid Turmeric Extract

This is the real stuff. Extracted Curcumin, which is the active ingredients and the secret to its many curative and health benefits.The addition of Fulvic Acid is added to provide you with 77 Marco and trace elements that help increase the effectiveness of the organic Turmeric extracted ingredient Curcumin, which holds the power of Turmeric. Liposomes also are added that encapsulates the extracted power of Turmeric from stomach acids and lets it get into the bloodstream faster.

At the FDA and cGMP, certified facility built on US soil does the processing and the work to make this and the other PuraThrive products the best on the market today.

From this one product, alone or in combination with other vitamins and herbals you can reap full benefits of what Turmeric has to offer.

You can again have the glowing skin that brings back the flush and softness of when you were a teen. If you are feeling down Turmeric's natural, mood enhancers take you from the dumps back up to where you want to be. Some say Turmeric is better than Prozac.However, for those suffering pain in the joints this extract can combine with Black Pepper to release natural pain relievers in the body and for arthritis sufferers this helps you get through the day or sleep easier at night.

Final thoughts

Today, you've gotten a crash course in the benefits of Turmeric and 10 products that can deliver them to you in the shortest possible time. We have covered the gamut from raw unadulterated turmeric root in its natural form, Turmeric ground up for you in a pure powder, Curcumin extracts and those in liquid form that complements B12 sublingual use. We have even seen Turmeric in both powder and extract capsules.

So, if you want to partake of the many health benefits of turmeric you have a plethora of ways to obtain the product in bulk, capsule, and powder/liquid form.​

You now have the option to change your life and take charge of your health in more ways than you ever thought possible before.Turmeric is a wunderkind herb, as the Germans would say. It has been used for thousands of years and with the help of Amazon, it now can come to your home no matter where you live without you having to go to the Far East to obtain it.​